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    22 februar, 2014

    Containerized Solutions

    BNS Container AS is a Norwegian based company established in 1983. BNS Container offers a wide selection of containers and container based solutions. For several years BNS has supplied customized containers to various military customers.

    Transport / Storage / Furnished/ Customized Containers
    The basic product line consists of CSC Approved 10’, 20’ and 40’ ISO containers.
    Containers may be equipped with integrated hook lift, in sizes 1C (8’ high), 1CC (8’6” high) or high Cube (9`6´´high)
    Side door containers with full side-opening and rear doors provide the advantage of flexible solutions.

    BNS Container offer customized design on types of containers, including light-weight containers.
    Our furnished containers are inner-lined with prefabricated, maintenance-free wall components. The components are self-bearing, guaranteed moisture and rot-proof and are made from non-flammable, non-toxic materials.

    Workshop Containers
    We provide custom made workshop containers for mechanical, electrical, vehicular and weaponry applications. These containers can be self supplying with electricity and/or adapted for cabling to an external grid.

    Sanitary Containers
    We have solutions for connecting the container to an external system or its own tank. Composting toilet solutions can also be supplied.

    Office Solutions.
    Our solutions focus on an optimal work environment and functionality. Furnished according to the customer’s needs and desires, including EMP and ballistic protection.

    Detention Containers.
    Developed in order to detain prisoners in a safe, humane environment.

    Explosives/ammunition Containers.
    5’, 10’ and 20’ versions made to comply with any local or international standards. Alarmed and with tracking-systems.